How Own Your Vintage came to be

Being called “Vintage Pizazz” in 2009 set the stage. 

It took Own Your Vintage over a decade to become a reality. During that time, it became apparent that Vintage could be applied to any experience in your life. You could be a vintage rocker or dancer or nerd or hippie or biker. It was wide open. And it would work nicely on a t-shirt.

Early in 2020, we (LynnAnn & Victoria) formed a partnership to offer tees with messages that spoke to being proud of who you are and celebrating your life experiences. And age didn’t matter. Your experience did. It was your vintage.

So we formed Own Your Vintage, a business that asked you to do just that. Own who you are. Own what you love.

We understood that the word Vintage was already used but our intent was to use it differently. For us, it was about celebrating self-expression, wearing it, and sharing it, connecting with it. And owning it.

Of course, the business morphed from inception. The pandemic, childhood cancer, and other trials of life led us to start and stop more than once.

But we continue to grow because we know that our experiences make us who we are. As life happens. Because life does happen, doesn’t it? 

A Little about Us and Our Purpose 

We’re from different generations. Yet we connected as friends.

We both had big corporate jobs. Yet our workdays were defined by creativity. 

We live half a country apart. Yet we are closer together than ever. 

These juxtapositions define our friendship. A friendship based on being strong, driven women who care about helping us accept and love ourselves. This dynamic is at the heart of Own Your Vintage

Our philosophy is simple: Own Who You Are. Own What you Love. Own Your Vintage. 

Our mission is clear: Create products to support our philosophy. To celebrate you, your experience, your style, your causes. To tell others Who You Are and What You Love.

Equally important is our commitment to charity. We’re proud to support organizations that effect change and make a difference in our world. It’s who we are and what we love.

Ultimately, we created Own Your Vintage for you. To celebrate the value of every experience, at any age, at every turn in the winding road of our lives. It’s the kind of celebration where everyone’s invited. It’s the kind of celebration where everyone’s invited. 

Thanks so much for joining us!  

LynnAnn & Victoria, Co-Founders